Important Contacts

Ambulance/Fire Department: 911
Police (Emergency Only): 911
Police (Non-Emergency): 973-398-2100
AR Management Company (onsite): 973-770-7373 or Main office: 973-398-6609

After Hours Emergency Number Common area non life threatening only: 973-398-6257
Mt. Arlington Municipal Building: 973-398-6832
Visit Website:

Utility Services
CAU of America (Insurance): 800-228-1930 certificates
Cablevision (Cable): 973-398-5757
JCP&L: 800-662-3115
New Jersey Natural Gas: 800-221-0051
Suez (Water/Sewer): 888-770-6030 (Now Suez go to for information) BE REMINDED to Check bills for notices and changes 
Waste Management (Garbage & Recycling): 800-633-9096
– Trash Pickup: Tuesdays and Fridays
– Recycling Pickup: Wednesdays
– Be mindful of holidays and if it  snows place your pail at the end of your driveway
– Large items require calling the vendor first as they need to be sure there’s room on the truck.
– Waste Management will pick up items with Freon, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. However there is a charge
for this pickup due to the Freon.

Here are a few vendors owners have used. Please be reminded to ask for insurance and remember you are entering into an agreement with the vendor. This list is provided as a courtesy. If you have a vendor who has provide excellent service please provide us with the information.

Mr. Plumb: 973-827-5100
Buchanan & Callaway: 973-335-2336
Rick Pucaro Plumbing: 201-317-3416

BDP Heating and cooling: 973-584-8485
Hokus Pokus: 886-484-4822
R. Poust: 973-586-9486
B & C Heating and Cooling: 973-702-1355
Karls Appliances: 973-398-1438

Szigetti Electric / Tom: 973-477-3516

Home & Hearth
Ledgewood, NJ

Keane Construction: 862-219-5483
Rybicki Construction: 973-222-2618
Forik Carpentry: 201-513-2893

Dryer Vent Companies:
APEX Air Duct Cleaning: 732-257-4590
Breathe EZ Duct Cleaning: 908-850-0601
Morris Dryer Duct Cleaning 201-230-7000

Chimney Services:
A-1 Affordable Construction: 800-865-0053
McPuff Chimney Services: 800-339-1492
CHIMCO: 862-261-6121

Driveway & Sealcoating Vendors
R&R Construction: 908-879-5122
Seal Pro: 201-739-0590
Onorati Construction: 973-334-0210

Driveway Snow Plowing
Fullerton’s Grounds: 973-927-0927 Be reminded if you hire an alternate vendor you are required to get insurance and register them with management

Able: 973-584-3033 Kenvil, NJ

Pest Control
Accurate Pest: 973-398-8798 Landing NJ

Garage Door Repairs & Replacements
Up & Down Garage Door:  973-770-2960
Durable Doors: 973 328 1955 Rockaway, NJ

Skylight Replacements / Windows / Doors / Decks (engineer specifications on file with Management office)
RJ Construction: 973-673-7663
Forik Carpentry: 201-513-2893
Rybicki Construction: 973-222-2618

Ed Taylor: 973-890-3133

Emergency Clean Up Companies (or ask your insurance company when you file a claim)
ServePro: 973-810-2825 Dover & Stillwater, NJ

Appliance removal & Scrap metal
Green Solutions: 973-862-2305

The Association is providing these vendors as a courtesy. Owners must complete modification form and apply for permits.  All vendors should provide the owners with insurance.  The Association doesn’t endorse any vendor listed, the information is simply be provided from resident feedback as a courtesy to Seasons Glen owners.

Have a question about Seasons Glen? Get in touch with a member of the AR Management Company team today!