Community Information

Payment Information

2024 Maintenance Fees
Alpine: $374
Berkshire: $424
Chesapeake: $399
Oakhurst: $297
Mayfield: $511
Mt. Laurel 1 Bedroom: $175
Mt. Laurel 2 Bedrooms: $225
Mt. Laurel 3 Bedrooms: $299
Timberline: $339
Wyndham/Newport: $549

Late Fee: $25 after the 15th

Pay By Mail
Seasons Glen (Payee)
PO BOX 105007
Atlanta, GA 30348 -5007

Pay Online
Visit the Pacific Western Bank’s website @ Use your code on coupon as account #, or simply your name, address, association full name as payee.

Insurance Information
Insurance Agent: CAU of America
Phone: 267-757-7100
or the web

CAU of America will provide all home owners with property certificate of insurance by contacting them at There is no charge to homeowners. Should you have a concern give them a call. All claims must be opened through the management office. If you have an accident please report it to the Association in writing as soon as you are able. Contact 973-398-6609 or the site office for assistance. Owners can request a insurance certificate by calling 800-228-1930 or by visiting CAU of America offers many Risk articles for owners to review. The articles contain many helpful suggestions on home maintenance and safety tips.

Garbage and Recycling Schedule
Garbage is collected on Tuesday and Friday each week. Recycling is collected on Wednesday each week.
The garbage disposal company is Blue Diamond. Please call the office (973-770-7373) for pricing on large bulk item pickups. Be reminded trash cans should not be over filled, and placed out after 6PM the evening before pick up. Owners who wish to have a blue recycling or gray garbage bin can call the office and we will for arrange delivery. Owners are reminded that trash containers must be stored within the garage (or) for units without garages on the rear patio.

For the garden style units, please be reminded cardboard must be broken down.

 Please note paint cans, gas cans, propane tanks, electronics can’t be placed out as trash.

Owners can use the Municipal recycling center.

Please be informed of the Electronic Waste Management Act implemented by the Department of Environmental Protection. An important provision of this act is a disposal ban of covered electronic devices, which include televisions, computers, monitors and laptop computers. The disposal ban became effective January 1, 2011; therefore, these covered electronic devices will no longer be accepted for curbside pick-up. For information on how and where to dispose of these items, please visit
or call 973-398-6832, Ext. 13 or 14 for a list of disposal sites. UPDATE AS OF DECEMBER 2012: The Borough of Mt. Arlington will accept televisions and other electronic devices at the Recycling Center, Saturdays only from 8:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

The Boro of Mount Arlington
Please review the Boro website for all meetings. Also they are posted on the community bulletin board. A recent town resolution was passed, under the DCA Department of Community Affairs, that all owners renting there attached home, needs to register the information with the Boro of Mount Arlington.

Mount Arlington Boro web site

Mount Arlington Library

Mount Arlington Dial A Ride Serving our Senior and Handicapped Citizens (973) 398-2413
Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Appointments must be made 48 hours in advance. First come/first serve basis. Medical Appointments, Shopping, Movies, Special Trips.

Note for Owners with Tenants
Tenant Fee: $100.00, applies to ALL new tenants (not a one-time fee).  Landlord’s need to give written permission for tenants to have access keys for clubhouse, tennis court, swimming pool, etc.  Be reminded if you will be renting your unit, you need to submit a lease and your address change, please provide your tenant with a copy of the Association rules. Be reminded lease terms need to be for one full year. Owners are responsible for tenants conduct, and that tenants fully understand all community rules.

Snow Service
Owners with a service issue during a weather event can call Fullerton’s office directly at 973-927-0927. Owners who wish to purchase driveway service need to set that up directly with the vendor, if you are dissatisfied with your contracted service you need to contact the vendor directly.

Parking lot areas with a high percent of cars (in spaces) will be cleared when all vehicles are moved.

Please see below link.
Fullerton – Driveway Snow Removal 2023-2024

Parking Rules
– Owners are responsible for all driveway repairs, maintenance, and snow removal as outlined in the Master Deed, not Association service. When selling your unit be sure to advise your agent and buyer.
-Use all of your assigned spaces including garages before utilizing guest spaces.
-If you are planning to be away, DO NOT USE A GUEST SPACE. (Review Page 7 or 10 in your rulebook) Unit Owners parking for more than 96 hours will receive a letter and fine. You may request permission from the Association to park for an extended period by making your request in writing. The Management office will guide you on where to park if this is requested.
-Do advise guests on where to park. Be sure they are not using your neighbors reserved space.
-NO commercial vehicles are allowed.
-Repair or maintenance of any type of vehicle and/or equipment is prohibited on Association property or unit owner driveways.
-NO parallel parking is permitted on any street.

Hiring Vendors
If you need to hire a vendor to perform work on your unit please notify the Association with the Vendors name, a copy of their insurance certificate and any permits needed. A letter will be issued to you for your vendor to access common areas. Please be reminded: if you are unsure please contact the office for assistance. All vendors need to register

Holiday Decorations

-Holiday decorations may be displayed for 30 days prior to the holiday. Festive lights, wreaths, garland, etc., shall be permitted to be placed on the outside of a townhouse or villa unit. Decorations must be removed 15 days after any holiday.
-NO lights may be strung on bushes or trees or on anywhere on the common elements.
-All other holiday floodlights or decorations are forbidden in the common and limited common areas.
-We all enjoy personalizing our homes for the holidays. Please be reminded: garden homes MAY NOT decorate the exterior/interior of the building with the exception of your unit door and balcony.
-Holiday trees MUST be placed to the LEFT side of the dumpster enclosures for pick up OR in front of your Villa or Townhouse.
-Blue Diamond (Waste Management) can be reached at 973-598-9800


-Dogs and cats MUST be walked on leashes. (See the Association Rules & Regulation Book. Be reminded this is also a town ordinance.)
-Owners must pick up after their pets. (Use our pet comfort stations located around the property).
-The number for Animal Control in Mount Arlington is 973-398-6832 ext.13.

Privacy Panels
Units with decks within the community may wish to power wash or stain their deck or fencing. The approved site stain for decks is CABOT CLEAR 7400. The approved site stain for Villa and Town Homes privacy panels is Behr Chestnut dp310, light lead dp542, or Cabot Clear 7400, also approved are white vinyl options available for the site manager at

Recreation Passes – $25 replacement fee for all lost electronic clubhouse keys
-All owners are required to have a recreation badge to use the clubhouse, tennis courts, exercise room and pool. In early Spring, a reminder notice will be posted on the web, mailboxes and at the clubhouse listing the validation dates to renew residents pool passes for the new year. Owners MUST renew their passes yearly. New owners should complete the Recreation form enclosed in their Welcome Packets indicating if you require tennis court keys, clubhouse key card, pool passes, etc. Return your completed form, to the office located inside the clubhouse, for processing.
-All owners who wish to use the pool are required to have recreation passes.  Each year the Recreation committee provides date, in the days and evenings, for owners to get Recreation passes.  All owners are required to validate their passes each season.
-Pool Guest Passes: Each household will be provided with (1) booklet of (10) guest passes for the season.  Guest Passes left over from the previous year only will be valid.  Additional passes, if required, may be obtained through AR Management at a cost of $20 per booklet of (10) passes.  All guests must be accompanied by a resident aged of 18 or older.

Approved Resolutions
-Tenant Resolution
-Satellite Dish installation resolution
-Fence panel installation resolution
-Late fee resolution
-Dryer vent cleaning /fireplace cleaning resolution
-Alternate Dispute Resolution
-Generator Resolution
-Maintenance Mid-Rise Plumbing
-POD Storage Rules and Regulations

All exterior Alterations, Changes or Modifications require approval from the Association. If you would like to make any exterior changes, please submit a Modification Request Form to management outlining your request for the proposed change, addition or improvement. You should include all pertinent information, the more the better. Please be sure to include a certificate of insurance for the vendor performing the work with the Association named on the certificate. Please also include any and all required permits. After receiving your request, Management will present your materials to the appropriate committee and Board for review. You will then be advised of their approval or denial.

Modifications that are approved with specifications but require a Modification form to be completed and submitted to the site office:
Pavers at a patio ( 12 x 12 inch brick color or gray along the back of the patio)
Patio replacement
Rain barrel
American flag installation
Natural gas line for a grill or fireplace
Attic fan (villas and townhouses)
Walk way solar lights (black) 4 to 6 per unit
Window replacements (look the same)
Sliding door
French door
Water spigot (rear of unit)
Landscaping wall(s) three styles sample at 2 Brookside, 9 Birch Terrace, 13 Spruce- unit expense
Fence panel (between units)
Satellite dish (two options for installation)
Seal coating driveways (Villas individual) townhouse owners must do jointly
Exterior light replacement – brass
Villas exterior light replacement – white
Storm doors (forever door) must be clear glass and match the paint color of front door
Landscaping changes (minor) must be in writing
Hot water heaters (must follow new codes, permits required)
Paving of the driveways permitted unit expense (shared driveway owners must do work together)
Removal or replacement of skylights (Engineer spec in the office)
New combo washer and dryers are available that are ductless, they are a perfect option for owners in our garden units. No leaks. Electric only.

All new requests need to be submitted for review. Once reviewed, you will be notified in writing with the approval or denial. Please be a little patient, the review allows time for the committee/Board to determine a procedure for the owners all owners moving forward. Please do not move forward until you have received your formal approval letter, some modifications will come with an outlined procedure to follow. Question are welcome. Email to or call with questions 973-770-7373.

Door Color – Brookside Lane Cottage Red soft gloss

Clubhouse Hours

5:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

FHA Status
Renewed & Approved 3/1/2021

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