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Home » Board / Committees » Grounds & Architectural Committee

Board / Committees

Grounds & Architectural Committee

Dave Zavracky, Board Liaison
Mark Boeckel, Chairperson
Jim Mathesius, Secretary

The Grounds & Architectural Committee is comprised of homeowners within the community who volunteer their time to investigate, review and then offer suggestions to the Board of Trustees regarding upkeep and improvements to the landscaping and buildings here at Seasons Glen.
It monitors all of the Common Element and Limited Common Elements to make sure that the Rules and Regulations of the Association are being upheld by all residents. It is also responsible for maintaining the physical appearance of Common Building Elements to assure architectural consistency. The Committee and the Board make every effort to keep and enhance the curb appeal of Seasons Glen.

Pruning, soil & seeding, removal of winter damaged shrubbery. Replacements will be reviewed for the fall.
Gutter cleaning completed late Fall.

Installation of pre-emergent in all planting beds
Mulching was completed in each year in May

Roof vent inspections for the site will be scheduled
Door replacement is ongoing in Garden buildings, five doors each year are scheduled to be completed.

Monday - Crestview, Sycamore, Evergreen and Mulberry
Tuesday - Hickory, Maple, and the Clubhouse
Wednesday - Entrance, Primrose, Birch and Magnolia
Thursday - Brookside and Spruce
Friday - Work Orders

Root Work
     Will be continuing throug out the site a schedule is being prepared for the locations

     Interior fire suppression systems have been inspected and repaired if necessary. Should you experience any problems, please contact A & R Midstate Management:
site office - 973-770-7373 or


Shrub replacement is being done throughout the growing season. Please understand that every effort is made to replace dead or dying plants. However, management collects unit owner requests and sets situational and financial priorities...please be patient.
     Note: Homeowners can replace plants at their own cost. An Architectural/Modification Request Form must be submitted and approved before installation. Guidelines require that new plantings remain consistent with existing bed plants.

Jersey Central Power and Light maintains our street pole lights. If you notice any problems with lights, note the location by street and pole number and then the A & R Midstate Management: (973) 770-7373 or


( the following is condensed from their contract with Seasons Glen )

The contractor recognizes and acknowledges the obligations imposed upon it by the specifications of its agreement with Seasons Glen.
* A clean, well manicured site which adds to the aesthetic value of the community. All work shall be performed to the highest standards of horticultural excellence using accepted standards and practices.
* A means of safe movement within the development e.g. snow removal and salting of both streets and sidewalks.
* All personnel employed by the contractor shall be properly trained and licensed (if necessary) and shall conduct their business in a professional manner.


Fullerton guarantees the replacement of any plant installed by them (excluding annuals) if that plant dies within a period of one year from the date of installation. The guarantee shall be void if the plant is damaged or killed due to:
* Deer or any other animal feeding on the plant material.
* Mailicious damage, vehicular damage, construction damage, or any other form of mechanical damage to the plant.

For your information:

When food is scarce, deer will eat almost any plant, even ones that make them sick. Nevertheless, there are some plants that they are less likely to devour. If you like plants and flowers, why waste time and money creating a salad bar for the deer?
Deer avoid some bulbs, including leucojum, iris, daffodils and calla lilies. Other flowers generally safe from deer include agapanthus, calendula, foxglove, lupins, some poppy varieties, california fuchsias, pride of maderia, hellebore, zinnias and my favorite, marigolds.
Ferns are considered deer resistant, as is boxwood, buddleia, carolina allspice, mexican orange, rockrose, jasmine, rosemary, junipers, kerria, olenander, mahonia, and lantana. Deer avoid rhododendrons but savor their close relative, azaleas.
Be aware though, that no list of plants is completely accurate. Deer tastes vary from region to region and even from year to year. So a plant that deer avoid one year, may be their favorite dish next year.
Numbers are being placed on the rears of all buildings to assist in the walk around efforts.

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Liason to the Board

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Member - Arch Committee

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